Easy to assemble

Frame Setup Guide - Blank Posters

We currently sell three different types of poster frames.
  1. Open the frame up and pull the magnets apart, lay them out on a flat surface
  2. Put the canvas between the two magnets and lay them together again
  1. Use a screwdriver (preferably wooden) to remove six spring steel sheets
  2. Unscrew the screws at the two corners of the same side with a screwdriver
  3. Take off one edge of the frame (preferably the top)
  4. Take out the plexiglass and plastic plate. Tear off the protective film on the plexiglass
  5. Put the poster between the plastic plate and the plexiglass, and put it in the frame
  1. Overturn the poster, and use the pen mark for direction of where to place the poster. Please make sure the wood angle facing the angle and then the narrow side of groove toward inwardly. Make sure the wood edge and the painting edge coincide each other, this is very important.
  2. Please use the tape fixed the wood on correct position.
  3. Rip off the double adhesive tape one by one; then erect the wood and make sure the poster edge is clamped between the wood angle, press the wood firmly to make sure it’s fixed.
  4. Add the “U” nail in to the corner of the wood
  5. Input the cardboard to steady the frame