On average, we find most of our customers receive their posters between 8 to 15 days. However, this depends on the country. Typically, shipping times are a lot quicker to places such as USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. However, do not be surprised if delivery takes more 15 – 30 days. There are so many variables when shipping worldwide, making it difficult to predict shipping times. If you do not receive your poster within 45 days, you are entitled to a full refund, you can read more here – Return & Refund Policy and Shipping & Delivery .

By all means, you can contact us and we can potentially help – however we do not currently support express shipping. For most countries, express shipping would simply cost too much. If you need your poster urgently for a gift, we can potentially make an arrangement with the delivery company, however this will most likely come with a hefty delivery fee. Please contact us if you do need express shipping: [email protected]

Please contact our customer support team at [email protected] – a customer support representative will automatically be assigned your case and respond to your enquiry.

We accept payments through the following methods: Stripe and Paypal. Both of these are trusted payment gateways that process millions of transactions every day.


We offer refunds providing there’s a suitable reason i.e. the poster is damaged or there is an issue with quality. We put great effort into providing you with a range of details (quality details, poster specifications, packaging care, sizing guides and customer support information) to avoid refunds. Blank Posters is a small company and refunds ultimately result in a lot of time for us and the customer.


You can read more about exchanges by following this Return & Refund Policy


If you want to return a perfectly good poster that doesn’t have any damage, then this would be at your cost (i.e. shipping fees). If you have good reason for a refund, there is no need to return the original poster. As there would simply be no point.

We offer tracking which is available here. If you receive an email stating your order has been completed (yet haven’t received your item) please get in touch with us using the following email address [email protected].

For 99.9% of deliveries, no. We have yet to run into a custom charge. For delivery to certain countries or certain states within the USA for example, Blank Posters covers any import tax. If your delivery was to get stopped by customs, we will be help resolve this.